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Marimba Concerto

for piccolo (= alt. flt.), 2 flts (flt 1 = alt. flt., flt. 2 = bs. flt.), 2 ob., 2 clr., bs. clr. (= contrabass clarinet), A. sax, tn. sx., b.sx., 2 hrns., trpt, timp, 2 perc., 2 hrp., pno., strings, marimba solo

2005, 25 minutes.

In four movements
I. Sonnet
II. Middle Movement
III. Burlesque
IV. Epilogue

For me, there is a narrative quality to the progression of movements. The first movement is highly formalized. There is a process, a slowly unfolding chord progression. Of course it is still a love theme. After this, the piece slowly loses its innocence. The Middle Movement builds to a terrible climax, only to be out done by the Epilogue, when the sonnet theme returns. The piece is about the marimba- the soloist carries the music, unlike many modern concertos wherein the soloist plays a virtuosic accompaniment to the mad orchestrations of the rest of the orchestra. I feel strongly about this. Not to say it isn't virtuosic.

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