The B Band will be in Santa Barbara for a performance of Mahler, Symphony no. 5 by Ben Phelps. Details forthcoming.


I'll be giving a digital talk as part of the 2021 New Music Gathering. The topic: the economics (micro and macro) of releasing small-label niche music in the digital world. It's not all flowers and rainbows!


Because I'm promoting an album currently almost entirely digitally, I've been spending time making silly videos about Mahler, Symphony no. 5 by Ben Phelps. Here's a new one!


A very long time and global pandemic later, I'm releasing the album. Mahler, Symphony no. 5 by Ben Phelps is out this date!! Available everywhere!


After a near decade of hard work and neurotic delay, Mahler, Symphony no. 5 by Ben Phelps is coming in June. Here's the first of several "cool" promo videos.


Getting ready to launch the new record label, Cereal Music- you can check out some of my production work there. We're gearing up to the release of Mahler, Symphony no.5 by Ben Phelps in August. It's going to happen! *ed note: it did not happen


New project / collaboration! Music for percussion and electric guitar with Alexander Elliott Miller. Music by LA composers. Topic: public domain. Tuesdays @ Monk Space.

4-16 to 4-18-20

Denmark can't get enough of Return of the King, so I'll be back in April for three more performances. Aarhus, Denmark.


Sometimes I feel like my time ain't long returns with a performance by Vicki Ray in St. Louis at Washington University.


Everything canceled. Well, things have gotten a little bleak, but the world came to a stop with COVID-19 and most especially music- were canceled. Still trying to figure out how to even PLAN events not knowing if they truly will happen... but there's still lots potentially in the works! And album is forthcoming! Stay tuned!!


Vicki Ray will perform Sometimes I feel like my time ain't long in Los Angeles- March 14th. As part of the Equal Sounds series at Civic Center Studios. Tickets!


Sometimes I feel like my time ain't long returns with a performances apparently around the world. March 11th in Riga, Latvia, Vicki Ray Vicki Ray performs at the deciBels festival.

10-31 to 11-2-19

I'm back on the road assisting multiple performance of Return of the King, live to projection, in Aarhus, Denmark.


Out now! A recording of Michael Byron's Bridges of Pearl and Dust, for overdubbed vibraphones. All parts performed by me. Released on Cold Blue Music. Find it wherever you find music.


A heartfelt thanks to everyone that gave to my Kickstarter. I couldn't have done it without you! (Obviously.) The album Mahler, Symphony no. 5, by Ben Phelps, with The B Band, is one step closer to reality. Check back soon for further updates!

8-16-19 to 9-9-19

Fundraiser! Help me get money! I'm holding a Kickstarter to raise funds to finish my album, Mahler, Symphony no. 5, by Ben Phelps, with The B Band. I've been working on this for a long time. Check out my Kickstarter video!


I'm excited to be performing with the incredible Nic Gerpe (piano) on Tuesdays @ Monk Space. We'll be performing John Luther Adams' monumental 4,000 Holes, in what I believe will be the first Southern California performance of the piece.


An exciting event! Vicki Ray will premiere Sometimes I Feel Like My Time Ain't Long, with a video installation by Carole Kim, in a special concert as part of REDCAT's season under Walt Disney Concert Hall.


Vicki Ray continues her mini-NorCal tour with a second performance of Sometimes I feel like my time ain't long at the University of the Pacific, in Stockton, CA. 7:30 pm.

September - October, 2018

My arrangement of Nina Rota's La Strada will continue in repertory at Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz in Munich, Germany, playing in September and October. Choreography by Marco Goecke.


A preview performance of Sometimes I feel like my time ain't long at UC Berkeley with Pianist Vicki Ray. The performance will be at The Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT) at 8 pm.


The B Band returns with a performance at the Outpost Series at UC Riverside. There will be Mahler.

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